Our processings

ESSE4 has two modern automated processing centres at its disposal for the laser cutting of sheet metal, designed to facilitate the precise cutting of various types of sheet metal

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In order to meet our customers’ requirements, our bending department is currently equipped with ten hydraulic bending machines and two automatic folding centres (panelling machines).

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ESSE4 has two modern punching centres at its disposal, with automatic loading/unloading for the machining of all common types of sheet metal:

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We have the following equipment at our disposal for precision welding: A robotic TIG and a robotic MIC welding centre

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Stainless steel extractor hoods for professional kitchens

ESSE4 successfully manufactures and sells a full range of stainless steel extractor hoods for professional kitchens in restaurants, hotels and snack bars.

Our stainless steel extractor hoods are produced with the most modern technologies and come with up-to-date filters; because they observe all the standards relating to suction equipment, our customers are ensured maximum safety.

Our range of hoods with filters comprises the following series:

- snack hoods (depth 75 and 85 cm, length 60 to 300 cm) with incorporated motor or without suction units; motorized models come with a speed variator and lamp;
- wall-mounted hoods (depth 105 cm, length 100 to 400 cm) with incorporated motor or without motor, to be installed externally;
- central hoods (versions 130/180/220 cm, length 140 to 400 cm, can be channelled over 300 cm) which can be provided with an incorporated motor for lengths up to 300 cm, or fitted with external extractor boxes or centrifugal towers.
All our extractor hoods can take accessories such as lamps or speed regulators.
Our hoods come with inertial labyrinth filters that retain grease effectively and ensure fire prevention, an essential element in all professional kitchens for restaurants, communities, nurseries and schools.
The characteristics of our products can be summed up in three words: comfort, hygiene and ease of maintenance. ESSE4 offers the best products for your professional kitchen!

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You can download data sheets (in PDF format) for the full range of hoods available in our catalogue

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Motors with double suction coupling directly
Labyrinth inertial filters antigrease in Aisi 304 s.s.

Rounded corners

Rounded corners polished with Scotch Brite finish.

Waterproof Lamps

Waterproof lamps in fibreglass reinforced polyester.


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