8,000 square metres of technology for stainless steel processing

ESSE4 has specialised in the processing of steel sheets since 1981. We produce semi-finished goods based on specific customer designs and neutral elements for professional kitchens, with a particular focus on the design and manufacturing of stainless steel hoods.
At our headquarters in Mareno di Piave, occupying an area of 14,000 square metres, 8,000 of which are covered, we invest our energy on a daily basis in the technological improvement of our work processes, with particular attention aimed at taking full advantage of the potential of information technology and human resources. Over time, this belief has led us to create cutting-edge machinery and to implement increasingly more robust and efficient projects and processing systems, until becoming a major player in the supply of semi-finished products and the manufacturing of stainless steel components for professional kitchens.
We look forward to welcoming you at our headquarters in Mareno di Piave to help you discover our full range of exclusive products!