technologies for the processing of stainless steel

ESSE4 boasts a cutting-edge production system for the processing of stainless steel sheets, facilitating the production of highest quality products, able to pass all quality controls to which they are continuously subjected. Our technologies make it possible to carry out all processing phases with extreme precision, from laser cutting, bending to punching and welding.
ESSE4 has invested and continues to invest in the latest information technologies and in human resources, with the sole purpose of improving our stainless steel sheet processing system, thus offering customers products able to satisfy all needs, while guaranteeing maximum safety.
These information technologies have helped us continue this growth process, thanks to special machines able to meticulously carry out laser cutting, bending, punching and stainless welding (specifically, steel welding is carried out using a high-precision robot). Human resources enrich our work, thanks to their professionalism and daily commitment to innovation.
ESSE4’s entire staff is looking forward to helping you discover the many opportunities for your business offered by a large and established company.

Stainless steel laser cutting

ESSE4 has two modern automated processing centres at its disposal for the laser cutting of sheet metal, designed to facilitate the precise cutting of various types of sheet metal:

- Iron

- Zinc plated

- Aluminium coated

- AISI 430

- AISI 304

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Stainless steel bending/folding

In order to meet our customers’ requirements, our bending department is currently equipped with ten hydraulic bending machines and two automatic folding centres (panelling machines).
Thanks to the various sizes and the power range of our bending machines, we are equipped to fold smaller parts, up to 3000 mm in length, with thickness from 05/10 to 40/10.

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Stainless steel punching

ESSE4 has two modern punching centres at its disposal, with automatic loading/unloading for the machining of all common types of sheet metal:

- iron

- zinc plated

- aluminium coated

- prepainted

- plasticised/laminated

- AISI 430

- AISI 304

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Stainless steel welding

We have the following equipment at our disposal for precision welding:
A robotic TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding centre
A robotic MIG (Metal-arc Inert Gas) welding centre
Both centres carry out welding works with the help of special jigs of varying complexity.

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