Special processing in stainless steel

lavorazioni speciali in acciao inox

ESSE4 has built its reputation on the processing of stainless steel for the manufacturing of semi-finished products based on specific customer designs. This includes parts and bodies for dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators and neutral elements such as tables, cabinets, drawer units, etc.

Our cutting-edge production system, which begins with the processing of the metal sheet, relies on a complete and modern machine inventory, with integrated systems of electronically controlled machining for punching, laser cutting and bending. A robotised welding station completes the processing cycle.

ESSE4 does not only invest in technology, but also in human resources, in order to ensure a high quality service. All our products are manufactured with the utmost care and precision and are subject to continuous quality control testing.

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  1. Housing for ovens gastronomy, pastry, bakery.
  2. Housing for small ovens, toaster, fryers, fry-top, cookers and base units.