Extractor hoods Central

Central extractor hoods: (in versions 130/180/220 cm, length 140 to 400 cm, can be channelled over 300 cm) which can be provided with incorporated motor for lengths up to 300 cm, or with external extractor boxes or centrifugal towers.


Extractor hoods Snack

Snack extractor hoods: (depth 75 and 85 cm, length 60 to 300 cm) with incorporated motor or without extractor unit; the motorized series comes with standard speed variator and lamp.

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Double inlet direct coupling engines and impeller with forward curved blades, galvanised sheet metal auger, vibration isolation and adjustable speed
These key characteristics set them apart and ensure their:

  • extended operating life
  • extreme reliability
  • low noise level
  • low power consumption

The ability to adjust the speed using a specially designed speed variator (available as standard in our SKA models and optional for the SMA and SCA models) guarantees that our hoods are the right accessory for any professional kitchen.


Our hoods are equipped with inertial labyrinth antigrease filters in stainless steel.
The inertial filter takes advantage of the compressions and expansions of the air forced to pass through the slots of the filtering structure. The following benefits are therefore achieved:

  • high degree of separation of fat (up to 70%)
  • high capacity air distribution on the surface of the hood
  • effective flame retardant barrier.

Safe and easy to clean thanks to its size, which makes it suitable for washing in the dishwasher or utensils washers, the ESSE4 labyrinth filter has been designed to maintain its original effectiveness over time, while minimising operating costs.


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